Redeeming Reconciliation

Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice
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Reconciliation has become something of a dirty word in South Africa, synonymous with a cheap reconciliation and a superficial notion of societal change. A concept which asks much of black people whilst asking relatively little of white people in return. A concept which deals with individual forgiveness but leaves unjust structural systems largely untouched. Nowhere has this concept of reconciliation been more readily adopted than the church. This concept of reconciliation must be rejected, many say, in favour of a more robust concept of justice. 

et the Bible is filled not only with the language of reconciliation but time and again reconciliation is the goal and the desire to which all of creation is moving. What if the biblical concept of reconciliation is in fact far more radical, costly, and far-reaching than we have yet realised? What if true reconciliation is inextricably joined to justice, repentance and reconciliation? What if we could redeem reconciliation? 

In this online seminar Grant Scheepers (Pastor of South Riding Baptist Church and [Acting] Chairperson of the Western Province Baptist Association) in conversation with John Scheepers (Director of Isiphambano) explore whether it is indeed possible or even desirable to redeem reconciliation.

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Redeeming Reconciliation

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